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concrete-driveway-jacksonvilleThere is a good reason why concrete is the most popular material for driveway construction. Actually, there are a number of them. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Driveways made of concrete cost little. They look far better and are much more durable than something like asphalt or gravel, and they are less expensive than pavers, cobblestone, or bricks.
  • Rebar can be used to easily reinforce concrete driveways.
  • Concrete will always be present, so you can rely on it. As long as you hire a reliable contractor to handle the grunt labor for you, like Jake’s Concrete.
  • Concrete can be moulded into almost any shape you can think of since it is semi-liquid when it is poured.
Our Jacksonville concrete driveway contractors have years of experience pouring concrete and installing a wide range of things, including slabs, sidewalks, patios, and of course, roads. Our workers are highly skilled, and we only utilise the best equipment and supplies on the market. We make an effort to always provide them with the best equipment available.
Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t give much thought to their driveways and so slightly neglect them. Though relatively little upkeep is required for concrete driveways. To keep your driveway in great condition, we suggest sealing it every six to twelve months.
In addition to appearing far better than an asphalt driveway, concrete also keeps the surface significantly cooler because it doesn’t absorb UV rays as asphalt does. You’ll recall it if you’ve ever walked barefoot in the summer on an asphalt driveway.
Repairing, installing, or replacing concrete driveways is one of our most often performed tasks at Jake’s Concrete. We are capable of completing these tasks swiftly and effectively since we have completed so many of them. That not only means we will leave your hair sooner, but it also means it will cost less money for you!
The answer is yes if you’re asking if we offer stamped concrete driveways. Driveways made of stamped concrete are lovely and a wonderful way to improve the curb appeal of your home. When they want something a little fancier than regular concrete, the majority of homeowners will consider installing pavers. A stamped concrete driveway will attract considerably more attention because it is much rarer than a paver driveway.
With any HOA in the Jacksonville region, we would be pleased to talk about your project. Leave it to us if you’re concerned about what they’ll say! You can talk to them through us.
Even concrete driveway levelling and refinishing are something we can assist with. Please give us a call even if we didn’t address a particular requirement of yours on this page. We are certain that we can assist you.
Our headquarters are in Jacksonville, but we provide services throughout the region, including Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, Palm Valley, Vilano Beach, St Johns and Orange Park. For a free, no-obligation quote on our concrete driveway service, give us a call right away.

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